Introducing eXchange Offer Controls

Owners of assets listed on The eXchange can now set minimum price limits to incoming offers
June 3, 2020

Today, we’re introducing a new feature that gives investors the ability to set a minimum offer limit for any asset they own that’s listed in The eXchange. Once set, any offer made below that minimum price will be automatically rejected by our system without sending the owner of the asset an alert.

The eXchange was created in part to give investors a path to liquidity for any assets they acquire on the Royalty Exchange marketplace. Eligible assets are listed, and any verified investor can make an offer to buy the asset from the investor that owns it.

The owners of assets listed in The eXchange have always had the ability to leave a List Price. This List Price was a binding offer to sell the asset at the amount entered if an offer was made to match it. However investors can opt to make offers below the List Price if they like, which asset owners can review and accept or reject as they prefer.

The addition of a minimum offer allows asset owners to provide greater guidance to potential buyers, as well as avoid multiple alerts for offer lower than they’re interested in reviewing.

To set a minimum price limit, simply log into your account and select the asset you own. In the resulting filed you’ll now see an “Edit Minimum Price” option immediately below the “Edit List Price” button.

This will open a popup window where you can set your minimum price limit.

Setting a minimum price does not obligate you to accept any offers above the limit. Only the List Price carries any obligation to sell. And you can edit the minimum price at any time.

As part of this change, all assets in The eXchange will have a default minimum offer set to 50% of the break-even price of each individual asset. We reach this figure by subtracting any royalties the asset has received since purchase from the original purchase price (net break-even) and then set the minimum offer to 50% of that figure.

Stay tuned for additional updates to The eXchange coming soon.

Thank you.

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