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Royalty Exchange gives both retail and institutional investors access to royalty streams previously available only to industry insiders, private equity, or institutional funds.

Through our unique marketplace,  you can now build a portfolio of uncorrelated, yield-generating royalties with a documented track record of consistent income across multiple assets, price levels, and terms…

*Six month annualized asset return on investment Jan - June, 2020.

The Doobie Brothers' "Black Water" and Other Songs
  • Term: 10 Years
  • Royalty Type: Publishing
  • Price: $160,000
  • Multiple: 6.6x
  • Yield: 15%

1983 Comedy Classic Trading Places
  • Term: Life of Rights
  • Royalty Type: Film Residuals
  • Price: $140,300
  • Multiple: 17.5x
  • Yield: 6%

Children's Educational Materials
  • Term: 10 Years
  • Royalty Type: Trademark
  • Price: $1,047,500
  • Multiple: 5.3x
  • Yield: 19%

Why Royalties Belong in Your Portfolio

Investors are always looking for ways to protect their money while maximizing overall returns. Stock and bond markets can be unpredictable and susceptible to macro events, which is why many turn to alternative investments to diversify. Royalties provide a great option. Owners of intellectual property get paid every time someone uses their work. They create an asset once, and then collect payment over and over again.

Uncorrelated Assets

Royalty payments, especially music royalties, perform independently of public markets, making them the purest form of alternative investment.

Competitive Yield

Royalties have a track record of strong earnings, with the potential to deliver double-digit yields that rival bonds and dividend-paying stocks.

Passive Income

Royalties let you earn money while you sleep. They are a “cut off the top,” paid regularly, that put you first in line to receive the cash flows they generate.

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"Funds focused on music royalties are gaining traction as investors stray from the beaten path in a hunt for yield."
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September 22, 2019

Royalty Investing Made Easy

Royalties are a unique asset class. Royalty Exchange makes investing in them easy for you.

Asset Packaging

Royalty Exchange makes royalties investable by packaging them into familiar investment formats and horizons:

Valuation Support

Understanding the key characteristics of royalty performance is critical to investing with confidence. Royalty Exchange helps investors build a valuation methodology and determine position size through detailed performance metrics. And we provide the educational resources needed to digest them.

Risk Mitigation

Royalty Exchange vets and verifies all royalty opportunities before listing them on the marketplace. This minimizes ownership disputes. Our legally binding contracts reduce transaction risk. And we provide administration services to streamline post-sale income collection and distribution. Finally, the eXchange provides investors with the option to liquidate when desired.

Flexible Portfolio Development

Acquire royalties directly from rightsholders or other investors. Make manual offers or leave standing offers filled automatically by incoming opportunities that meet your custom criteria.

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