Introducing Counteroffers on The eXchange

Counteroffers gives anyone with assets listed on The eXchange the ability to respond directly to any offer below their List Price with a counteroffer of their choosing.
February 23, 2021

Today, we’re introducing the ability to make counteroffers on The eXchange.

Counteroffers allow anyone with assets listed on The eXchange to respond directly to any offer made below their List Price with a counteroffer of their choosing.

Counteroffers are immediately available to both Secondary Market listings and Direct Listings, which together make up The eXchange.

Here’s a quick overview.

When an investor makes an offer for an asset, the owner receives an email notification with a link to the listing in question. Previously, the asset owner could only choose to accept, reject, or ignore an offer. Now, as the name implies, the owner can send a counteroffer which can only be accepted by the investor making the original offer.

Additionally, when making a counteroffer, the owner of the asset has the option to update the asset’s List Price to match, as detailed below. This will change the List Price for all investors, not just the investor reviewing the counteroffer.

Investors who receive counteroffers will have 24 hours to accept or issue a counteroffer of their own.

While only the investor receiving the counteroffer can accept it, all activity is visible on the corresponding listing page in the Offer History field along with any other offers the listing has received. This allows other investors to make additional offers to the owner at or above either counteroffer price.

As always, our goal is to ensure all investors have the ability to compete on a level playing field, and provide the owners of assets the ability to consider all options before selling.

Please feel free to send any feedback you may have about the counteroffer feature to

Stay tuned for more marketplace updates in the coming weeks and months.

Thank you for your participation in the Royalty Exchange marketplace.

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