How Copyright Affects Music Streaming | The Music Development Agency

As technology has evolved so has copyright law, especially in regards to streaming. What must you know to protect yourself?
April 28, 2018

The music industry is rapidly changing due to digital music streaming. Listeners go the Internet to connect and listen to music and musicians are working with companies to get their songs out to many people. Various digital services are flourishing and changing the way the industry treats musicians and streaming services because of these behaviors. As the digital marketplace becomes more diversified, there’s even more need for protective copyright legislation.

Music copyright owners must ensure their work is protected by copyright licenses to get credit and paid for their work. While creators and listeners have access to most services, musicians are still not fully benefitting from their work. With the expansion of digital streaming services and copyright laws, it’s possible for an artist to have greater control over the flow of their music across the globe.

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